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d e s k
Deutsches und europäisches Sprach- und Kulturzentrum
Centrul de limbă şi cultură germană şi europeană
Német és európai nyelvek és kulturális központ
German and European Language and Culture Center
About us

desk is a young and dynamic company, which offers services in the domain of foreign languages in general, and related to the German language and culture in particular.

We offer complete services both in the private segment - for adults and children alike - and in the corporate area.

Apart from the aspects strictly related to languages, our company helps you if you consider the perspective of living and working in Germany for a shorter or longer period.

The only thing that counts for us are the results of our customers - your satisfaction is the main indicator that we relate to.

A team in which many years of teaching german to foreigners are supplemented by the vigor and energy of the youth, is the guarantee for your success! The experience gathered in the courses held in Germany, as well as the fact that a series of our instructors are German native speakers, make the offer of our school hard to top!

We are looking forward to knowing you and to finding out, how we can help you!