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Deutsches und europäisches Sprach- und Kulturzentrum
Centrul de limbă şi cultură germană şi europeană
Német és európai nyelvek és kulturális központ
German and European Language and Culture Center
Grades 1-4

In our courses for little children, the emphasis is placed on playful learning.
  • Goals:
    • development of an open and positive attitude towards learing in general and learning German in particular
    • the German language is taught as a means of communication, based especially on listening and speaking

  • Methods:
    • we speak German all the time, employ visual and audio means, supported by our teachers
    • we play games and simulate interactive dialogs
    • we sing songs and recite poetry with rhythmic movements
    • we tell stories based on images
    • we learn a vocabulary related to the age-appropropriate interests of the children
    • words and expressions are learned naturally, because they appear embedded into certain contexts or situations

  • Advantages:
    • the children get used to team work
    • they develop the creativeness and their relational and social competencies
    • they carry simple conversation, they talk about themselves, about family, school, and hobbies
    • they understand the meaning of a heard or read text
    • they can read and understand the stament of a simple text
    • they can write post cards, simple messages, and short notes

  • Teachers:
    • German native speakers
    • young, enthusiastic, creative, and motivated
    • specialized in teaching the German language based on modern methods